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RDS-TMC service of TrafficNav is available in [country] with cooperation of [partner name with url link].


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Please be aware that we do not serve end-users directly, we can not activate service in devices and we can not help how to set-up or repair your device. For such issues please contact the manufacturer, local distributor or point of purchase!

If would like to contact us with other purpose please use the form below! Please use English language, otherwise we may not be able to answer it!

TrafficNav Ltd. is a member of the Brussels-based TISA Forum that synchronizes the TMC suppliers’ activity and coordinates the industry standards. TrafficNav is also a member of the Hungarian TMC Research Consortium. TrafficNav started a TMC service in Slovenia in June 2009, and later the service was launched in the Irish Republic, Greece, Bulgaria and Turkey. TrafficNav services will be available soon in other countries as well.


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    TrafficNav Kft. H1133 Váci út 110.
    Budapest, HUNGARY


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    TrafficNav Közlekedésforgalmi Szolgáltató Korlátolt Felelősségű Társaság


    Registered at Metropolitan Court, Budapest


    Address: H1133, Váci út 110., Budapest, HUNGARY


    VAT number: HU14003910

    Registration number: 01-09-968723

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