TrafficNav has a state of the art computerized data processing system that combines the incoming traffic data and information that has influence on the traffic in a unified geo-referred database.


In-dash GPS/Satnav units has been acknowledged as most accurate and reliable. Mobile apps and personal navigation devices came in a versatile and portable fashion offering various real-time services from the beginning. Nowadays car owners are demanding similarly rich Location Based services including real time traffic information, speed cameras and so.

TrafficNav Technology

TMC (Traffic Message Channel) is a digital transmission channel that represents a segment of the FM broadcasts’ RDS code. Navigation devices can interpret traffic news (road blocks, accidents, congestion, border crossing, waiting times etc.) broadcasts through that are transmitted via Traffic Message Channel.


TrafficNav now offers real-time traffic services in six countries: Hungary, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Ireland, Greece, Turkey

Business Partnership

TMC service can be used with most of today’s GPS devices. To enable the TrafficNav TMC service in your device the following simple preconditions are needed

Historical Traffic

Our data sources provide a vast amount of raw traffic information to process. Traffic data is not always immediately processed and utilized on the spot.