Business Partnership

Business Partnership

How to implement TrafficNav TMC service?

TMC service can be used with most of today’s GPS devices. To enable the TrafficNav TMC service in your device the following simple preconditions are needed:

TMC capable hardware
For RDS-TMC the device must have either a built-in TMC receiver or an external TMC-receiver from their device manufacturer. For XML TMC the connected device must have a live internet connection. This may require the end user to have a suitable data plan that usually varies by country and network operator.

TMC capable software
TMC is a system used across Europe, and the leading navigation device manufacturers usually supply devices which have either a built-in or an external TMC receiver or can be supplemented with an external TMC receiver. The stores or the packaging usually indicates that these devices are ‘TMC-capable’, but this refers to the hardware, and does not guarantee that the device is actually capable to receive TMC in every country. The situation is similar with the car’s factory installed navigation systems which, although they receive the TMC service in Austria, Germany or the UK, may not recognise the TMC broadcast in your country. The reason for this is that not only the hardware has to be TMC-capable, but the software (and within that the map database) also needs to be updated for receiving TMC.

License Agreement
TMC service is delivered to licensed partners. TrafficNav does not provide license agreements to end-users, but gives license to consumer brands, device manufacturers or software developers to sign up for the service.To find out whether your device is TMC capable, please make sure to countact your HW/SW partner first!

TrafficNav has GPS solution partner reference in several industries

Potrable Navigation Devices
In-dash navigation systems
Car manufacturers
Mobile software developers
Map database companies

Fast implementation

For many years TrafficNav is in close cooperation with most major and local map data providers and software solution developers. Therefore it usually only takes two steps from decision making to effectively implementing TMC service in third party devices – as technical implementation is mostly done or can be done remarkably quickly. Due to TrafficNav’s long track record, it is quick and easy to implement TMC coverage in all TrafficNav’s Service Territories.